Saturday, January 7, 2012

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Why would anybody pay so much money and have a needle in their face over and over when they can get the same results with Virtue, and avoid the the recovery time too. Virtue by Rejenx works in as little as 15 minutes and lasts longer than Botox too.


  1. VirtueThe Face Lift In a Jar

    Introducing a new incredible break through from RejenX, the Resveratrol Company; a face cream that lifts the face, minimizes wrinkles and renews elasticity in the skin.

    It has been referred to as “The Face Lift in a Jar.” Virtue is the new anti-aging standard with 10% of the concentration 99% pure clinical grade Trans-Resveratrol. Since the inception of the Resveratrol Company we have envisioned taking the unmatched cellular regenerative benefits of resveratrol to its very limits. Resveratrol activates the SRT1 gene and in doing so, releases the most powerful cellular and DNA repair mechanism discovered in our lifetime. So powerful in fact, that science has shown that the activation of the SRT1 gene not only has been shown to repair broken DNA and restore a state of Zen to the cell, but it in fact extends the very life of the cell by 30% or more. This is why Resveratrol has quickly become known in the scientific community as the Fountain of Youth. Is Resveratrol the fountain of youth? No, it is not, but it is the closest science has ever come and the research that has been done on this cellular life extending activation is staggering. The Resveratrol Company has been working on delivering the cellular benefits of Resveratrol directly to the skin cells; believing that if this could be done the results would be something the whole world has been searching for since the beginning of time (a face lift in a bottle). Well, it is time, RejenX is proud to present the most advanced anti-aging product available; VIRTUE, a high density anti-aging strategy through trans-dermal delivery of Resveratrol combined with four patented compounds that produces a younger and more radiant look to your skin.

  2. The solution to instant younger looking skin is now within everyone’s reach with the most incredible anti-aging product of our time. Virtue has been formulated to not only give you fast noticeable results but to also set in motion a chain of cell restoration and collagen production that is second to none by activating the SRT1 gene. This activity produces long term continued improvement in your overall complexion.

  3. Hypoallergenic
    Cold processed
    Developed for all skin types
    All natural active ingredients

  4. Baby soft and smooth skin

    A Natural Alternative to Anti-Aging Surgery, Virtue offers instant tightening and moisturizing. This is a new generation tightening agent to guarantee rejuvenation, comfort and real hydration benefits within just a few minutes. Virtue will effectively and significantly smooth and offer temporary relief from the main characteristics of skin wrinkling, sagging, puffy skin and other signs of aging. It is comfortable on the skin and leaves the skin soft and silky. Virtue gently tightens the skin mechanically. Using Virtue daily helps with anti-aging, anti-sagging, anti-fatigue and will also moisturize the skin. It is perfect for crow’s feet, orange peel (cellulite), flabby skin and the temporary reduction of wrinkles.